Any Colour You Like is a group of competent and highly dedicated musicians with very different musical backgrounds.

We started up in spring 2017 and quickly grew in size and ambition. Today the band count eight members who all share the same passion. As a group we are highly devoted to the task of delivering top-class performances in tribute to the most amazing rock band of all times, PINK FLOYD.

Søren Bjarnøe – Lead vocal & guitar

”Delicate Sound Of Thunder in the late 80’s was were it all startet for me, all though my fascination really began when I came across The Wall later on. To this day The Wall is my favourite album of all time”.

“The nerve of Waters combined with Gilmours guitar is in my opinion the best musical match in history, and to have the opportunity to play and perform the music that has ment so much for me, is simply fantastic”.

Anders Frøkjær Mørch – Lead vocal, keyboard & percussion

“I grew up, listening to them and for me, nothing equals Pink Floyd when it comes to detail and perfection in both sound and performance”.

“There is really only one way to play Pink Floyd – through hard work and humbleness”.

Henrik William Andersen – Lead guitar

” In 1987, my roomie listened to Pink Floyd all day long – I hated it, it was way too weird for me. In 1994, I was invited to a Pink Floyd concert in Parken. That moment did it for me. The best concert ever, and I’ve loved Pink Floyd ever since”.

Rasmus Solomon Lundsbjerg – Bass & backing vocal

“In my opinion, Pink Floyd has always been a symbol of musical grandiosity.”

“As a new explorer of this universe, I’ve come to discover numerous layers of complexity and details – can’t wait to go on this journey”.

Ole Jan Andersen – Drums

“ I’ve never been more motivated ‘bout playing anything my whole life – It doesn’t get any bigger than Pink Floyd”.

“Grew up with them – now I look forward to tell the story our way”.

Martin J. Ernst – Saxophone & keyboard

“I first came to know them in high school, were we had to analyze The Wall, and Pink Floyd has followed me ever since. They have always been inovative, and their lyrics full of nerve and bite”.

“There is so many signatures in Pink Floyd’s music, and the hardcore fans expect us to be true to the original. It’s that respect for the detail I want to explore and strive to achieve”.

Anne Nørgaard – Choir

”I’m actually new to the world of Pink Floyd, and I must say, that I’m so grateful that I finally got to known them. I’m truly amazed by the complexity and the greatness in the music”.  –  “A real privilege to be a part of this team”.

Mette Frøkjær Kalliosale – Choir

“Pink Floyd have always had a special place in my heart. Growing up listening to them, and now, to perform their music myself – it almost feels unreal”. “Doesn’t get much better than this”.